Today’s average wedding costs about $40,000. Between catering, entertainment and photography, costs definitely add up quickly. While you’re budgeting out your spending, however, don’t forget to make room for groomsmen gifts.

Your groomsmen will likely be making sacrifices for you so that they can take part in your big day. Between the bachelor party and purchasing or renting a tuxedo, your guys are spending quite a bit of money. That’s why it’s important to buy them a gift that’s personalized and thoughtful so that they feel appreciated.

1. A Personalized Beer Mug

Give your groomsmen a personalized beer mug so that they can stop drinking their favorite brews straight from the bottle. When it comes to the personalizing aspect, feel free to get creative. Find a company that will paint their faces directly onto the glasses or go with an engraver who will etch the logo of each of your friends’ favorite football teams onto the front.

2. An Engraved Pocketknife

A pocketknife is a highly useful gift that never goes out of style. A quality pocketknife will last for years to come.

Many companies will engrave each of your buddies’ names directly onto each knife. Another option is to find a company that will etch their names onto the surface of the leather cases.

3. A Monogrammed Rucksack

If your friends are the type of guys who like to go camping each year, there’s no better gift than a monogrammed rucksack. Go with a company that makes high quality rucksacks that will be able to handle some weight and are resistant to water.

There are many companies out there that will monogram any type of fabric. Simply order the rucksacks from a quality manufacturer and send them off to have them monogrammed.

4. Bobblehead Dolls

If your friends have a sense of humor, they’ll love receiving custom-made bobblehead dolls bearing their likenesses. It’s easy to find companies on the internet that make custom bobblehead dolls. All you have to do is send them a couple of photos of each of your groomsmen and they’ll do the rest.

5. Sports Team Cufflinks

For a group of guys who love sports, customized cufflinks featuring team logos are the way to go. Find a company that creates custom cufflinks and order them to make pairs that display each of your guys’ favorite sports team logos.
By selecting a thoughtful and personalized gift for each of your groomsmen, you’re showing them how much you appreciate their friendship as well as the specific sacrifices that they have made for the most important day of your life. These five personalized groomsmen gifts are highly creative and incredibly useful.