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Keep session alive with Javascript

Posted by Silviu Caragea

The goal of this article is to present a very simple method that can be used to keep a session alive.

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Posted: 15/11/2008

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The goal of this article is to present a very simple method that can be used to keep a session alive.
Sometimes it takes to long to fill out a form or the user can leave the desk and comes back after a while. When the user will try to submit the form normally the server answers with a login screen or an error messages because the session has expired.

How can we avoid the session expiring?

To avoid the session expired you can choose different methods. I had saw around the internet peoples that had tried to change the session expire timeout but I will never recommend this method.

First of all for each session the server allocates resources that are released when the session is killed. So for this reason we should avoid to allocate resources that are not released on time.

In my opinion the best and elegant way to keep a session alive is to make permanents requests to the server directly from the client.

I found this method on the internet and I used it with success in all my websites.

The idea is to reload a very small transparent image (1x1) time to time to avoid the session expiring.

You should put the image somewhere into your webpage and this will be reloaded every time. In this article the image id is “image_alive”. After that set the image width and height to 0 to make it invisible to the client. 
This script reloads an image called keepalive.gif at every 100 seconds so the session will be kept alive as long as the browser stays opened. To prevent the image cache we add to the end of the image name a random number so this is the reason of the question mark from the end of the image name.

You can take a look in this page source code and you will see that use this method to prevent the session expiring.


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Posted by Deepankur Singh at 23/07/2012 18:50
Will this Java script work in case of Web Farms as well, where in we have more than 1 web server where the application is hosted?
Posted by Silviu Caragea at 27/07/2012 19:35
You can give a try. Normally I think it should work.

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