How Pre-Engineered Metal Buildings Changed the Construction World

Pre-engineered metal construction technology gives property owners much more flexibility than standard concrete or lumber construction. With construction schedules tightening and material costs on the rise across the construction industry, the use of structural steel and metal buildings is a positive addition.


One of the biggest benefits of metal building construction is the option to build off-site and assemble in place. If you’ve ever tried to coordinate any building project, you’ll know that rain and wind can quickly put your project into the red and way behind schedule.

Metal building construction is easy to build in sections or wall panels under cover adn out of the elements. Once these panels are created, the entire project can be transported via truck or rail car for assembly on-site. Once the foundation work is complete and cured, these durably constructed panels can be joined on site for a quick build.

Design Options Abound

An all-metal building doesn’t have to look like a garage; once these building panels are combined, your metal building can be clad in any material you desire. Your building panels can be finished with primer or a finished paint color as you prefer prior to final construction.

Window Additions and Customizations

If you’ve ever attempted to install replacement windows in a wooden structure, you’ll understand what a benefit a metal-framed building can be. Over time, wooden buildings can settle out of true and may require a great deal of custom fitting to get your new windows into your old wooden building.

The process of metal construction results in a truly square opening, ready to accept a truly square window. While metal construction does require you to do your homework as far as soil leveling and the pouring of a proper slab, your metal building is built to square exactly with the next panel or corner structure. You’ll find that once you construct a durable foundation, your metal building has a better chance of staying true and square than a wooden structure.

Engineering Expertise

The technology involved in metal building construction is also put to use in bridge building. Steel engineering experts across the country have an eye toward the future of construction.

What About Concrete?

For large projects, concrete is often the go-to product. However, recent cement shortages, combined with the temperature and moisture risks tied to extensive concrete pours suggest that structural steel is a better choice even for high-rise office building and multi-story buildings. Of course, you’ll need a durable concrete foundation on which to build your metal building.


Finally, the ability to design with a material that can be custom forged gives designers free rein to build buildings of spectacular beauty. Steel offers tremendous durability and the ability to customize under any conditions.