Ericsson Can Open a New Era of Global Work with 5G

Ericsson has a lot of innovative 5G technologies to impress the people at this year’s Mobile World Congress. However, their cloud innovations may become as valuable for subscribers as for gearheads. The preview of the WMC presentation shows that the technologies the giant is about to share will improve not only the working speed. It will also give enterprises a possibility to provide the same services to dozens of countries around the globe with minimum delays.

The idea isn’t new, but Ericsson are the first to create a plan of the idea’s support with the usage of the proper software. With its help 5G may be implemented and benefited from by the end of the decade.

The 5G Core System

The new system by Ericsson uses benefits from software-defined networking (SDN) and network functions visualization (NFV) to help mobile operators provide their services faster and better. Multinational enterprises can get a bunch of benefits from the so-called network slicing, which means that the carriers give different slices of their network to different applications. This will help the new system become an efficient platform for new technologies, as well as fast networks for modern phones.

These network slices will give all operators equal possibilities and opportunities to deliver services that need improvement. For example, if a traveler needs certain slice or its qualities while being in a different country, any mobile operator of the country will be able to provide them with what they need.

The Example of the Systems’ Work

To be more precise, Ericsson united with Germany’s Deutsche Telekom and S. Korea’s SK Telecom to show the work of the network slicing system. The services were optimized for maintenance and augmented reality services.

With the implementation of the system, subscribers will not need to apply for multiple agreements to get the same services anywhere. However, the services will have to adapt their work to unite and start using the 5G system.

The Cloud Development

Another emerging technology is a cloud capability that help carriers move their products closer to the networks, cell towers, and smaller cells they can connect to. This will help reduce network latency, which will improve applications like car control, face recognition, etc. Ericsson says they want to push the technology to the edge to create a breakthrough in global technology.

The Unity

The idea to unite world’s largest mobile enterprises to provide the best services to all the people around the world is a great idea yet a great challenge. In our bureaucratic world it’s difficult to achieve real unity without any drawbacks. However, with the development of technologies, maybe the companies will agree to use them to improve their work that will draw more customers and increase the revenue.

More will be known about the 5G Core System, as well as about the new cloud capabilities, after the presentation of Ericsson at the Mobile World Congress. There well may be changes made to the plan of the technology that the company has now, as there are still 3 years till the end of the decade, when the 5G is planned to be operating.