CIOs Are Also Adapting to the Progress: The Phenomenon of Unbounded IT

According to Bill Briggs from Deloitte Consulting, IT specialists have to work on the delivery means of the technologies they implement. To do that, CIOs are adapting the work of their IT companies, automating simple tasks and concentrating on larger troubles. Technologies lie in the essence of business as we know it now, as it influences the way heads run the companies, the way the development of the products go, and the way customer support is operated.

More and more companies plan to get all the possible benefits from the IT world, so CIOs have to think of and adopt another strategy that would be larger. For now, the best option is the so-called “unbounded IT” that is fully described in Deloitte’s latest report.

What’s Unbounded IT?

Unbounded IT is a new approach that removes the bureaucratic wall between the two industries. So if earlier businesses had to throw their new ideas over the “wall” to the IT sector, now the cooperation will be done closely, with the IT developers and CEOs working together. They will write the codes, test and implement new technologies, and do many more things together.

Some of the companies agreed to go even beyond that by implementing DevOps that help the two sides switch on automation tools to test the new codes for a longer time.

Companies Need to Change

Some companies have to change the way they are establishing IT development models and working groups. A good example is Ford Motor, as its CIO Marcy Klevorn decided to implement bimodal IT strategy that consists of two parts. The first one is at the core, it works with the areas such as design and manufacture; the second one is working on new technologies, testing them, failing, and searching for the innovation.

Both teams meet every now and then and brainstorm ideas together for 4 hours, searching new emerging technologies, sharing experience, etc. The company gives them a freedom of testing and failing, so they are encouraged to take risks that often give amazing results.

Another example is Apple that implements the Tech Force teams that help employees troubleshoot devices and provide other means of technological help. This allows the employees to work with the representatives of the IT sector face-to-face, which helps the company become more educated. According to the Apple authorities, you can only provide your clients with the best technologies if you empower your employees.

The Efficiency of Unbounded IT

The new approach gives new possibilities for many companies around the globe. They can change their operation systems for better, improving the pace of the development. According to Mr. Briggs, the approach isn’t about going after any shiny bit someone noticed. It’s all about working on a raw potential of any new technology and transferring it into a stated set of qualities for businesses.

The implementation of the approach will take time, as not all the companies can transform their way of work. Not all the employees are ready for changes either, but the change has come and there is a sense in reforming and getting used to the new order.