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8 Fun Ways To Use 3D Products At A Birthday Party

If you arrive at a birthday party in 2019 and you start to see products that might make you do a double take don’t be surprised if the host mentions the word “3D” fly around. According to CNN 3D printing will finally enter schools around the world. Which also could mean bringing in 3D printing for home use as well. Yes classics like you 3D pop up birthday cards and 3D cameras are constant stables but there are many other fun ways to entertain your guest on that special day for your or your children.

Have you thought about wanting ice cream made from 3D computing? It can be done. Having edibles created using 3D printing can save money and probably avoid using that rusty grill that feels like trying to turn on an old lawn mower. Forbes mentions how using 3D printing you can create 3D products that pretty much cater your whole event. Your next masquerade party could be supplied with 3D printed masks. Need sound? Sound amps can boost your Smartphone to act like a lifesaver for providing music for your guests. Cracking open your next brew with a 3D rendered bottle opener is a must have. No more chipped fingernails and sliced fingertips from rusty metal and sharp unsafe classics. What about food? No birthday party is essential without it. Chocolate 3D printing your next batch of birthday cookies will make your party stand out the most. Not to worry if you run out of hamburgers. 3D printing hamburgers saves that last minute run to the supermarket.

3D printing is capable of a lot of things. This new technology is the future of saving on last minute hiccups. Remember those buckets laced with cold drinks, trying to reach for soda cans and water bottles in a bucket filled with ice can feel like cat and mouse. Taking the time to download and slice your next waterproof box to store some drinks will make your party stand out from the pack. So the next time someone says I need to run back to the computer to ring up some quick hamburgers and cookies don’t question the impossible. Get back to the party. Your next sandwich might have been made using a 3D printer and few cables. Not to worry. There won’t be no glitch when it comes to taste. Your party attendees will be asking for seconds before you know it. Now get to back to the party and put your 3D products to good use.