When your child is struggling in school, it can be extremely frustrating and worrisome. If you have a child who is having trouble educationally in school, there are certain areas that you will want to investigate in order to pinpoint the problem and get help for your son or daughter.

1. Check with teachers to see if bullying or social issues are a problem for your child in school.

First, make sure that your child is not being bullied at school and that they aren’t having social issues with any other children. The best place to go in order to find out about these issues is directly to your child’s teachers. Counselors at school may be able to help as well.

2. Check with counselors to test for a possible learning disability.

A learning disability may be another problem that is affecting your child’s ability to be successful in school. School counselors and special needs teachers will be able to test your child for a possible learning disability.

3. Is your child too young for their class? The curriculum may be too much of a challenge.

In some cases, parents put their children in classes that are too old for them. For some kids, this can be beneficial, but for others, the challenge may be too great, and the child may end up failing. Make sure that the curriculum that your child has isn’t too advanced or complicated for your child’s age. It’s important that they attend classes that are catered specifically to their age group.

4. Is your child struggling because of outside problems, such as bad influences, too many extracurricular activities or too much missed school?

Finally, it’s quite possible that your child has been struggling for another reason in school. There are certain questions that you should ask to learn more about this possibility. First, consider that your child may be hanging out with children who are not good influences on them. Make sure that you know who your child’s friends are.

Second, make sure that your child is not participating in too many extracurricular activities that are taking away from their studies. Sports, music, art and other extracurricular activities are important for kids, but academics always need to be more important. Make sure that academics come first for your child.

Finally, if your child has been sick or taken out of school for another reason, this may be the reason why they are experiencing trouble academically. Make sure to check all of these reasons and any others that you and your child’s teachers can think of in order to pinpoint the educational problems that your child could be having.