Workplace diversity is a broad umbrella and encompasses religious backgrounds, race, gender, age, skillset, cognitive style, and much more. The whole movement behind bringing diversity to the workplace is a result of acknowledging that every individual has something valuable to bring to the table.

The Value of Harnessing Diverse Talent

Companies that overlook unique talent miss opportunities for potential growth. Bringing together a combination of differences is the very thing that can fuel growth. Companies that look at diversity as a preamble for conflict may be missing a myriad of market opportunities. Millennials, especially, are the group that will shape the world for years to come. Consider the following reasons to promote workplace diversity among millennials.

1. Millennials bring different backgrounds and experiences to the workplace. They bring alternative solutions and perspectives to the table. Productivity increases, and companies deliver better results for their customers. A team’s composition always dictates its success.

2. Employees are in a better position to experience personal growth in an environment where diversity is present. Millennials gain valuable experience when exposed to different ideas, cultures, and opinions. The more that a person knows, the greater their ability to reshape their own views and opinions. Forbes offers additional tips on how to support workplace diversity.

3. An organization’s mission is to deliver the best products or services possible. Combining the different skills and strengths of millennials enables companies to produce more and to perform better. Companies can pursue diversity by uniting the technical or sales skills of one person with the management skills of another. Companies can also leverage the cultural skills of each individual for the company’s benefit.

4. A diverse organization also makes a company look attractive to the outside world. Workplaces that are open-minded are appealing to millennials and the generation that follows behind them. Diverse work environments can attract even more applicants when focusing on factors that go beyond ethnicity and social-economic backgrounds.

5. Companies looking to expand into global markets can also benefit from a diverse workplace. Bilingual employees may also have an advantage when applying for jobs. For instance, an employee who can read and write Mandarin can increase their company’s reputation and presence in Chinese communities. An increased presence in any community typically results in increased sales.

Companies like Google and Apple are naturally innovate companies, and they appeal to millennials through their management style and approach. These types of companies also recruit and employ measures to retain employees in different ways than those of less innovative companies. This is a major reason why innovative companies can pick and choose the cream of the crop. These companies know that providing a forward-thinking work environment matters to millennials.