For a lot of women, the thought of swimsuit shopping at any point in the year is enough to swear off of swimming forever. Even though it might seem backwards, the truth is that winter is a fabulous time to start shopping for a bathing suit.

If you’re not convinced, keep reading for five great reasons to shop for your swimsuit when it’s cold outside.

1. There’s No Rush 

Do you usually take summer vacations or weekend beach trips when it warms up? If so, getting a head start on finding the perfect swimwear means that there’s one less thing to think about when you’re gearing up for vacation later on.

Additionally, if you’re someone who likes spontaneity, it’s better to have a chic new suit ready in case you decide to take off to a hot spring or tropical escape.

2. You Aren’t Fighting Crowds 

Most people aren’t thinking about beaches and tan lines when they’re scraping snow off of their winter boots, and this means that you can shop at your leisure. While everyone else is fighting over sweaters and scarves, you can browse through swimwear and find exactly what you need with no fuss.

3. It Can Keep You on Track 

Between the holiday gatherings and the cold, gloomy weather making you want to bundle up with comfort food, it can seem nearly impossible to maintain your swimsuit figure throughout the winter. If you’re shopping for bathing suits in the middle of all of these food-filled festivities, you’re far more likely to be mindful of your choices.

Should you deprive yourself of holiday treats to fit into that bikini? Definitely not. However, seeing yourself in the new suit you’ll be wearing in public can help to remind you to indulge in moderation so that you don’t have to work as hard to shed extra pounds later. WebMD offers a few additional tips that are helpful for successful swimsuit shopping in any season.

4. The Discounts Are Better

In the middle of summer, everyone is looking for a new swimsuit. Since there’s so much demand, retailers don’t have much incentive to offer deals or discounts because they know you’re going to buy the swimwear anyway.

When swimsuit season has passed, both online and in-store deals are usually much better for swimsuits and coverups. If you’re on a budget, this reason alone should be enough to get you to shop for your bathing suit in the winter.

If you’re new to shopping for off-season clothes, this Time article is a great guide to making savvy purchases.

5. It Can Improve Your Mood

Lots of people tend to feel like their mood worsens during the cold months. If winter leaves you feeling blue or sluggish, shopping for swimsuits can give you something to look forward to. You can cheer yourself up by starting to plan for long, sunny days at the pool or beach.

Shopping for swimsuits in the winter may be unconventional, but the five reasons listed above should convince you that it’s worth trying.