A big move is a hassle for any family. Not only do you need to arrange your moving company and pack everything up, but you also need to unpack once you reach your final destination. And as you likely know, unpacking moving boxes can be even more of a hassle than packing up can be.

To make the unpacking process less painful for you and your family, check out these smart unpacking tips that will cut your unpacking time in half.

1. Separate your packing boxes by room, and have your moving men put the boxes in their respective rooms.

This is a tip to do before you even move. Make sure that all of your things are organized by room. For example, have boxes for the kitchen, bathrooms, bedrooms and living room. Put all of your belongs into the appropriate boxes from there. Finally, label each box with the room that it goes in, and be sure to make your labels large. You want them to be easily readable by your moving men and you!

2. Set up your furniture first, and arrange your boxed belongings around the furniture.

There’s nothing worse than putting things into a dresser and then having to take all of those things out of the same dresser so that you can relocate it. Decide on your furniture layout and arrangements in each room, and once that’s done, fill the spaces with the rest of your stuff.

3. Unpack everything as soon as possible.

It’s all to easy to avoid the unpacking process. But this is a mistake. Once you leave even one or two boxes to be unpacked for a week or two, you run the risk of leaving those boxes unpacked forever. You may hate the idea, but make sure that you start unpacking as soon as you can, and don’t stop until you’re finished. You’ll thank yourself later.

4. Unpack room by room.

You’ll want to get all your packing done as soon as possible, but that doesn’t mean you should open all boxes at once. Instead, unpack each room separately, and move through your new home methodically. Start with rooms that need to be used right away. For example, you’ll want to unpack at least one bathroom as soon as possible. The kitchen should be next, and the bedrooms should follow. Lastly, unpack your living room and other, less used spaces.

5. Play music while you unpack.

It’s tempting to put on a movie while unpacking, but this will distract you. Music is best, and the best music is upbeat so that it will inspire you to move efficiently and get the job of unpacking done as soon as possible.

Use all of these tips and tricks to unpack your new home at a quick pace!