Business presentations don’t have to be boring. You have the opportunity to share your knowledge, passion and information with a captive audience. Don’t let it go to waste! Here are 5 tips to crush your next presentation:

1. Make it interesting

Everyone likes a good story. Think about the content of your presentation, then craft it into a narrative. Bring in elements of pop culture and humanity to bring your content to life and make people care. Ensure the audience has a reason to stay focused and listen to what you share.

2. Support your facts

Establish your personal credibility, then provide information that backs up your presentation throughout the experience. This shows your audience that you are an expert and have done your research. The more information you can share with your audience, the more useful your presentation will be.

3. Establish the business case

Don’t make people search for the reason your presentation matters: define it for them. If you’re presenting information about a new piece of technology, tell people why it’s important, how it will help, and, if available, the financial advantage of choosing what you propose. Use your presentation to make a positive impact on your organization.

4. Use visuals strategically

If you’re using a PowerPoint, Prezi or other visual aid, use the screen to make an impact. Emotion, or pathos, is one of the strongest forces to leverage during a presentation. Choose images, illustrations or infographics that drive home your point. Consider using bright images, funny illustrations and graphics that will appeal to your audience. Every office has a culture, so be sure to tune into yours.

5. Practice

Whether it’s your first time presenting or you’re a seasoned pro, practicing your presentation material can make a big difference. Instead of encountering issues during the presentation, you’ll work out the kinks during draft rounds. Practice in front of a mirror, discuss your presentation with others, and consider the opposing viewpoints for your presentation. This way, you won’t be caught off guard by questions or concerns. In fact, you’ll be able to prepare and have a counter argument in your arsenal.

One of the most important things about crushing your next presentation is getting comfortable. Make sure you know the material, have planned your presentation and are ready to share on the day of the presentation. Pull on your power suit or outfit and make it a great experience!