Everyone loves cars, but not everyone is mechanically inclined or can’t afford to pay the mechanic thousands of dollars if something serious like an engine needs to be replaced. That’s why many who have such problems end up buying or leasing a new car. Here are 6 tips you should know before driving off the lot with a brand-new ride.

1) Know What You Want: 
What kind of car are you looking for? This will be the first question the car salesperson is going to ask you. So, it’s important to remember what your needs are before buying or leasing a new car. If you have kids, then you most likely are looking to buy a minivan or SUV with plenty of space.

2) Do an Online Search for Cars in Your Area: 
If you know what kind of car that you want, but unsure if the local car dealership has one with the features you are seeking, then going on their website can save you time and gas. Also, you can check other car websites like cars.com that let you search specific information of what features your looking for: color, 4WD, etc. followed by your zip code.

3) Leasing a Car is Cheaper Than Buying One: 
A lease option on a new car offers a lower monthly payment than a straight buy. It can even be cheaper per month than buying a used car with a lot of millage in many cases. You can get an even greater deal if you lease a car that is one or two years old and has less then 10,000 miles on it.

4) Knowing What Financing Options are Available: 
It’s important to know beforehand whether the dealership is offering 0% interest on the car you have your eye on. If not, and if they won’t negotiate, then you’ll want to consider going to another dealership.

5) Don’t Let the Salesperson Pressure You: 
Something that is vital is knowing when to let the salesperson know that the price is too high or that you won’t be buying today. A good salesperson will give you some space and their card. A bad one will badger you into buying today. If that is their attitude, then simply walk away.

6) Ask Questions: 
What am I paying per month? What am I paying out the door today? Two valid questions that should be confirmed by who you are dealing with. Never buy unless everything on the paperwork looks correct and you feel comfortable with the monthly payment.

Buying a car doesn’t have to be hard. If you take these tips to heart, and with the knowledge given use them to find your perfect car.