With Easter fast approaching, it’s time to pick out your Easter outfit. No matter where you’re going to celebrate this momentous holiday, you’ll want to look and feel your very best. Here are eight Easter outfit ideas that you can wear with pride this year.

1. A colored blouse, white blazer, and skirt

For a classic look on Easter that will never get old, go with a colored blouse beneath a white blazer. This is a great look when you don’t know how hot it will be either. This can be up top, and pair the look with a skirt. Your skirt might be black, dark brown or gray, or if you don’t want to wear skirt, you can always go with capris or pants in a light pastel color or khaki.

2. A flowered spring dress

Just as the flowers are showing up in nature, you can also show up to Easter with some flowers. Pick out a lovely pastel flowered dress for your Easter outfit this year.

3. A light blue and lacy dress

Light blue flatters almost everyone’s style. If you want to look gorgeous on Easter, pick out a light blue dress with some lacy features. Pair this along with some stiletto heels or flats if you don’t like being too talk. You’ll be looking amazing on this great day with your family and friends around you.

4. White pants and a pastel sweater set

Sweater sets are all the rage this year, and they’re especially fancy and good looking for Easter. White pants are okay at this time of the year as well, so go ahead and put them on with any lovely pastel sweater set.

5. A pastel romper with capris or long pants

Rompers are all the rage these days as well. For Easter, pick one with capris or long pants, and as always, go with a pastel color like light yellow, baby blue, soft pink or lavender.

6. A swirly green skirt with a beige cardigan

Pick out a swirly green skirt that cinches at your natural waist, and pair it with a beige cardigan that also cinches at the waist. This outfit looks great with pearls.

7. Black and white for the classic girl

If you’re hoping to go a little more classic and old-fashioned this year, why not consider wearing a black-and-white dress with black tights. It’s not exactly pastel, but it’s definitely cute.

8. Jeans and a pastel sweater set for the casual Easter

Some families celebrate Easter in a more relaxed atmosphere. If this is the case for you and your family, just throw on a pair of stylish skinny jeans and a pastel sweater set and you’re ready to go.