Decluttering a home storage space might be one of the most difficult tasks you will perform in your home. However, this does not have to be the case. Whether the space you seek to declutter is a small room or large basement, the following eight tips will greatly decrease the difficulty faced when organizing the space.

Inventory The Room

Knowing where everything is located inside your storage room is a major issue. Creating a guide for yourself that will track where the individual items are located and which items go together will save you a lot of headaches in the future.

Use Labels

Shelves, boxes and other items in the storage rooms should be clearly labeled. Your life will be easier when you know the contents of every container in the storage room.

Use Pegboard

A shelving system constructed of pegboard makes it simpler to find supplies and tools in your storage room. This is also an excellent way to conserve floor space in a storage room that is used to store a lot of items.

Use Hooks

Utility hooks will provide a way to store items like brooms, ironing boards, and mops on the wall. These hooks should be installed near the entrance of your storage room in order to group items like carpet steamers and vacuum cleaners in close proximity.

Use Chairs As Modern Art

Space in your storage room can be saved by stacking chairs. You can go further with this concept by mounting chairs and tables on a wall. This practice will leave more room for storing larger furniture pieces like armchairs and couches.

Build Shelving

Building shelving especially designed to accommodate your storage needs will promote better organization and the conservation of space. Custom shelving is also effective to build around pesky wiring and pipes and making effective use of awkward spaces.

Store Home Gym Equipment On Walls

Your storage room can also become your home gym. Wall space can be utilized to mount gym equipment and store weights. This designated fitness area will store equipment in a safe and efficient manner while keeping the space tidy.

Don’t Forget Ceiling Space

Items like bicycles, equipment used for skiing, and extra linen can be stored at the highest points in the room. You can do so by adding ceiling hooks, hanging racks, and building ceiling storage to maximize your storage room’s verticle space.

The Bottom Line

When not done properly, decluttering a storage room can be a time and effort intensive task that you will never complete. However, when done correctly, the organization project can be stress-free and productive. The eight tips above are great ideas to organize your storeroom.