Speech therapy is a service that is offered in schools, rehabilitation centers and medical facilities. In some cases, an individual will need to have speech therapy for several years to overcome a problem while other individuals only need this service for a short amount of time. Speech therapy makes a difference for a variety of reasons.

Alternative and Augmentative Communication Skills 

When an individual is deaf, she must learn alternative and augmentative communication skills such as using sign language. Many deaf individuals can learn how to talk, but they cannot hear the sound of their own voices. However, a speech therapist can help them learn how to talk clearly enough for others to hear them.

Understanding Cognitive Communication Skills 

It is important for an individual to connect his brain with what he is saying, and for some children or adults, this is a difficult concept that can require extensive practice.

Using Correct Socializing Language 

It is vital for an individual to use the correct language for certain groups of individuals. The way that someone will communicate with toddlers is different from the way that someone will talk to an adult.

Proper Resonance or Voice 

In some cases, an individual will have a problem with using the proper level of voice while talking. Learning to use the correct voice requires an understanding of the size of a room along with the social situation.

Overcoming Stuttering

Many individuals stutter, and this makes communication difficult. However, a speech therapist can help a client overcome the tendency to repeat sounds while she isn’t actually saying the words.

Learning How to Listen While Talking

Talking to someone involves having excellent listening skills. A speech therapist can help an individual understand how to listen carefully before he adds to the conversation.

Using Proper Expression during Speech 

Your facial expressions can make what you are saying seem inappropriate. A speech therapist can teach you to using the proper facial expressions and body language while talking so that what you are saying isn’t misinterpreted.

Understanding How to Articulate Correctly 

If an individual has a speech impediment, then she may not articulate her words correctly. Poor articulation can occur for a variety of reasons, including having an abnormality of the mouth’s palate, lips or tongue from a birth defect or an injury.

Reconnecting the Brain’s Synapses after an Accident 

When the brain is damaged from a stroke or an accident, undergoing speech therapy can help with repairing the speech centers in the brain.

Who Teaches Speech Therapy? 

Speech pathologists offer speech therapy. These individuals work in a variety of professional settings. Contact your physician or your child’s teacher to learn more about speech therapy.