You finally got the courage to join a gym and commit to a program that fits your schedule and lifestyle. There’s always an occasion where you want to look great, so the best idea is to make your personal workout a part of your everyday life. Choosing a gym that’s close to your house or work is important because convenience is the key to success. Find a regular time, three or four times a week, so that working out becomes natural, not a chore. Going at the “off-times” will allow you to have a more relaxed workout, but go when you can. If you have a regular time, you’ll begin to meet others who are also “regulars” at that time.

Developing a Program is Important

Whether you want to lose weight, build muscle or maintain good health, your workouts should be satisfying and enjoyable. When you finish each session and take a shower, you feel all the benefits of your hard work. Getting started is not difficult even if you are new to the fitness scene or you’ve been on a hiatus. Gyms are friendly places, and the employees will be happy to help you get acclimated by answering any questions you may have about the club or the machines. Just ask!

Here are seven more tips to enhance your experience at the gym and make your workout more beneficial:

1. Set aside workout clothes. The only rule is they must be comfortable, so you can move with no restrictions.
2. For two weeks, stick to using the machines that are set on a circuit. You don’t want to overdo it; muscles need time to adjust to a new plan.
3. When you come to a machine you’re not sure about, ASK the support staff. This will allow you to learn its proper way and avoid any injuries.
4. Don’t forget to breathe, breathing in tandem with your exercise: faster, shorter breaths with cardio and longer breaths with the weights.
5. Always stretch for five minutes before each workout. Muscles need to warm up, so they aren’t pulled or injured.
6. Plan on having some light carbs with no fat about an hour before working out. Nothing heavy that would upset your stomach or prevent you from performing your best, and then a well-balanced meal or protein shake afterward to replenish your body.
7. Learning the correct way to work out is essential to get the results you are looking for. Working with a personal trainer for five sessions will be worth the investment.

The main goal of a good workout is to raise your heartbeat and, believe it or not, relax. You are releasing all the stress that life throws at you all week. Have fun!