How to Establish Brand Recognition With Product Packaging

Branding is often seen as the establishing and exposure of a brand through promotional merchandise. But exceptional branding can also be achieved through product packaging. Not only does it touch the person who receives the package in the end but every person who comes in contact with it during distribution.

Embrace Eco-Friendliness 

Consider the guidelines established by the EPA when choosing your packaging. Opt for products that are Earth-friendly even if they cost more. Let your customers know that your packages are environmentally friendly. Better yet, encourage them to go green by appropriately recycling the package and the materials within if they won’t be reused.

Decorate with Established Logos and Color Schemes 

If you don’t already have an established logo and color scheme, then that should be your first order of business. Elements that are easily recognizable and memorable are essential to an effective brand. Be mindful that it costs a lot less to get it right the first time then it does to do it all over again. With your brand in place visually, it’s time to apply it to your packaging in a manner that is consistent with the brand but also personalized to the package. A design doesn’t have to be over-done to be effective.

Choose Packaging That Is High-Quality and Easy to Open 

If your package is branded effectively, then people will associate it with your brand. That means that it is very important not to create negative connotations with your customers. It is the reason why it is worthwhile to pay for packaging that is well-made, protects the contents and is easy to open. If the package is deemed reusable, then that is just a plus.

Make Labels Informative and Easy to Read

Labels should be branded as well if possible. They should be large and easy to read. Ideally, they should contain all over the information a customer may need, but don’t overload them with data. Some companies are using QR codes and the like so that customers can easily move data to their phones.

Use Packaging as a Platform for Low-Pressure Advertising 

Packaging is also an opportunity to advertise aspects of your brand that people can interact with. The package is going to an established customer, so don’t abuse the platform. A common way to advertise is to post your .com address so that people can easily find your site. Make it catchy! You can also post social media addresses, such as for Twitter.

No business should overlook packaging as a brand recognition opportunity. Small business also no longer have viable excuses. The Internet has enabled business-facing packaging providers to cater to small businesses at prices that make sense for all involved.