When selecting new living room furniture, a sectional sofa is likely a good option for the room. You can easily rearrange the sofa to suit the design of the space, and it’s often a larger couch than the typical design that you would find, making it easier for more family and friends to sit together to talk or watch a television show or movie. There are a few things that you want to consider before simply buying the first sectional that you see.

Look at the fabric before getting the sofa. Most sectionals that you see have the microfiber. This is the easiest material to clean next to leather. You’ll also see that many of the fabrics on this kind of sofa are softer than some of the other sofas that you see in the store. Choose a color that accents the room and that is easy to blend other furnishings and decorations with, such as dark brown or gray. You don’t want to get a color that is too light as it will show everything from pet hair to spills from the kids.

The next thing that you want to look at is the shape. A square sectional can easily be put in any corner of the room as all you have to do is change the removable part of the sofa to put it on the opposite side. A round sectional is ideal if you want it away from the wall or in the center of a room. Another thing that you want to consider is whether one side is really longer than the other. Most sectionals have sides that are about the same length, but there are some that have a much longer side than the one that can be removed. Think about the design of the living room and how you want to arrange the furniture to ensure that the design will fit in the space.

Sit down on the couch before you buy it because you could find that it’s not the right piece of furniture for you. Some people don’t like sectionals at all as they do have more leg space than a traditional sofa. Seek the advice of those who have bought a sectional before you as they can give you honest information about how it sits and how it can be arranged in the room before you spend the money on something that you don’t like.