The bladder is an organ which stores urine. When there are issues related to the bladder, they can cause painful urination, as well as unwanted leakage from the bladder. There are numerous health and lifestyle changes that you can make to ensure that your bladder remains healthy.

Monitor Your Diet
In order to have a healthy bladder, it is important to know which foods to eat and which ones to avoid. Having a diet with highly acidic foods can be detrimental to one’s bladder. Soda, coffee, and tea are not good for your bladder. They can irritate the bladder and cause incontinence in men.

Cruciferous vegetables, on the other hand, are great at keeping your bladder healthy. These include broccoli, kale, cauliflower, cabbage, arugula, and Brussel sprouts. It is also important not to smoke. Smoking puts you two to three times more at risk for bladder cancer than those who do not smoke. If you are currently a smoker, definitely contact your healthcare provider to learn strategies on how to quit smoking.

Don’t Hold Your Urine
Holding your urine can lead to bladder infections as well as bladder cancer. The longer you hold your urine, the more contact your urine has with the lining of the bladder, which causes more damage. In order to prevent this, make sure that you are taking frequent breaks and using the restroom.

Cranberries for Bladder Health
Drinking cranberry juice can be highly beneficial to your bladder. There are certain compounds in cranberry juice which can prevent bacteria from sticking to the walls of your urinary tract. Men who have a large prostate can drink cranberry juice to prevent urinary tract infections.

Exercise plays a vital role in bladder health. By exercising, you are ensuring that fluid does not build up in your body. If fluid accumulates, it will move its way up to the bladder, which will cause frequent need to urinate at night; this can affect your quality of sleep.

Exercising and keeping your legs elevated will ensure that fluid will not accumulate in your body. Inflammation and enlargement of the prostate can be combated with exercise. One exercise you may want to incorporate into your routine is known as the Kegel exercise. This exercise works to strengthen the muscles which allow for better bladder control.

Water Intake
Water acts as a substance which will flush out bacteria from your urinary tract. By drinking plenty of water throughout the day, you will ensure that these bacteria do not remain in your urinary system. Waste products in the body, as well as toxins, are cleansed by the kidneys. Urine is then sent the bladder and stored. Without adequate water consumption, these toxins can come into contact with the bladder lining and cause damage.

Managing your health will help to keep your bladder functioning at its best. Proper consumption of water, exercise, and cranberry juice will keep painful urination from occurring. Monitoring your diet and avoiding overly acidic foods and drinks are vital in bladder health.