It is wonderful to have an assortment of holiday decorations to use throughout the year, but at the same time, you must find a way to store the seasonal items to protect your investment. Here are several ways to store and protect your holiday decorations.

1: Plastic Totes

Inexpensive plastic totes are excellent devices for storing your holiday decorations. Not only are plastic totes lightweight, but also, the items will protect your holiday decorations from moisture. If you place tape around the lid of a plastic tote, then it will help to keep out dust or vermin such as rodents, spiders and insects.

2: Trash Bags

You can use inexpensive trash bags to hold many types of seasonal decorations. If you have a Christmas wreath that requires storage, then insert it inside a large plastic trash bag and tie it closed at the top. To keep the wreath in the best condition, place it on the top of a shelf in a storage closet, and make sure to avoid putting anything on top of it.

3: Cardboard Boxes

If you have breakable holiday decorations, then keep the original box and packing materials to reuse during storage. When you have multiple figurines or snow globes to store, place all of the boxes in a larger container such as a plastic tote. Label the outside of the larger container to make it easier to find one item for a particular holiday.

4: Coat or Skirt Hangers

When you use large plastic banners or flags outside your home to decorate for the holidays, use a skirt or coat hanger to hold the item while it is being stored. Skirt hangers have clips to hold the fabric or plastic flag or banner in place. If you use a coat hanger, then use large safety pins to hold the banner or flag securely on the item. You can put these hanging decorations in any closet that has a rod.

5: Cardboard Rectangle

To store decorative lights to prevent tangling, use a thick piece of cardboard in the shape of a rectangle. Cut a tiny notch on one side of the cardboard to hold the light strand’s electrical plug securely. Next, wrap the light strand carefully around the cardboard rectangle to keep it from tangling during long-term storage.

6: Ornament Storage Box

If you have numerous Christmas tree ornaments or small breakable Easter eggs, then use a specialized storage box that has plastic or cardboard dividers to keep the items separated. For additional protection, you can wrap small objects in acid-free tissue paper. Avoid setting heavy items on top of an ornament storage box, and keep the items in a climate-controlled area of your home.